JoAnn Inserra Duncan

JoAnn Inserra Duncan is a board certified Genetic Counselor with a Master of Science in Human Genetics. She worked as a Genetic Counselor for 14 years in various hospitals. She has been a Reiki practitioner since 1997, became a Reiki Master in 2000, and a Karuna Reiki® Master in 2008. She is an ordained Priest in the Order… Continue reading JoAnn Inserra Duncan


Hollis Nyden

Hollis Nyden is a Private Wealth Advisor who joined Price Financial Group in January of 2015. She provides financial, retirement, and wealth management services to her clients. Hollis is a CDFA™ (Certified Financial Divorce Analyst), and is currently studying for her CFP®. She specializes in helping clients navigate through the transitions in their lives – divorce,… Continue reading Hollis Nyden


Rosemarie Ferrante

Rosemarie Ferrante is a divorce attorney/mediator in Danbury, and the owner of the Divorce Mediation Center of Ridgefield/ Danbury, LLC located in Danbury, CT. Attorney Ferrante’s practice helps couples who wish to separate or divorce in reaching agreements that foster goodwill and trust, while meeting their individual goals and needs, using a child-centered approach which supports… Continue reading Rosemarie Ferrante